Conference topics

CoastLab14 will be focused on the latest developments in application of physical modeling to port and coastal protection, including following main topics:

  • Coastal Hydrodynamics: Waves. Currents
  • Coastal structures. Breakwaters
  • Sediment Transport. Erosion. Sedimentation. Local Scour
  • Ports and Harbours.  Approach Channels. Dredging
  • Sea Level Rise. Dike Overtopping
  • Wave-Structure Interactions. Structural Responses
  • Physical modelling. Measuring Techniques and Instrumentation
  • Combined Physical and Numerical Modelling
  • Scale Effects. Result interpretation. Uncertainty analysis
  • Ocean Energy. Wave/Tidal energy converters
  • Coastal Threats in Europe. Catastrophic Events in Coastal Areas
  • Coastal Monitoring. Field  Campaigns